TW Tim Wallace Construction - TW Tim Wallace LLC of Sherrills Ford, NC

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Tim Wallace Home Improvement Denver NC


Sherrills Ford, North Carolina

United States

I have noticed many complaints about him on the internet. I wish I screened him first. He scammed me now too. Came to my house in an old Chevy Blazer looking all nasty like he combs his hair with a pork chop covered in gravy. Teeth all nasty black, brown, gray and green. Rotten and many had already fallen out. He is only like 45 and looks like 65, probably from drug use and drinking. He was chain smoking the whole time I spoke with him about a quote for repair. Anyway he took deposit and never came back.

All the evidence is online the he is a criminal - I should have looked.

Review about: Undoned Repair Job.



If you see the brown and yellow crusted rotten toothed long-hair trailor park trash tell him he owes Zarina $1000 for stealing from her on the AC Repair Scam.

Probably going to spend his Christmas in his filthy signle-wide laying in vomit and garbage.

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